Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the road again....Seton Hall and Louisville

It has been a busy traveling week for the Lady Hoyas but more importantly a very successful one. Saturday, January 29th was the Hoyas’ first game on the road last week against Seton Hall well as their chance to redeem themselves. With two back to back losses last year at the end of the season, the Lady Hoyas had a longing desire and urge to show the Pirates who was really the captain of the ship. As the #19Hoyas sailed past Seton Hall with a 59-41 victory there was only a 4 hour window period of celebration for the Hoyas which was the bus ride home, before preparing for their next opponent, Louisville.
            After everyone boarded the bus and had received their food, one of the coaches popped in the movie, Unstoppable, with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine and their attempting to stop a speeding, unattended train carrying car loads of highly flammable toxins. Sadly, the movie did not last as long as the ride because the Hoyas got restless. Many were sleep, some were listening to music and others got work done. The closer the Hoyas got to the Hilltop the more restless they became and the chatter on the back of the bus was filled with funny anecdotes.
            Once we arrived back in DC, everyone was awake and anxious to get off the bus. Still, having some time to get things done around campus, the lady Hoyas quickly did what they needed in order to get ready for practice the next morning.
            Practice started with the scouting report on Louisville and a friendly reminder that this team had the same conference record of 5-3 as we did. We knew one record was going to change for the better and it wasn’t theirs.
            Like any other Georgetown big game, there was a lot of excitement facing another opponent, this one being that the Cardinals have never lost a game in their brand new beautiful arena, KFC Yum Center. Well, there is always a first time for everything. After a halftime comeback the Hoyas wounded the Cardinal with a series of runs and finally a victory of 76-52. With this stellar performance came Sugar Rodger’s 1000 points to add to the victorious night. To paraphrase Coach Brown, the KFC arena was nice but the Hoyas are more of a fan of Popeye’s. Until the next victory,
Amanda Reese

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Introducing the lady Hoyas: Providence/Notre Dame Recap

Hi, I’m Amanda Reese, your Georgetown Hoya sports blogger. I’m a junior on the women’s basketball team. Currently, the lady Hoyas are towards the end of their season, holding an overall record of 14-5 and 3-3 in conference while battling worthy Big East opponents
            What does it mean to be a Big East team? More than could ever be explained in a simple blog. The Big East is one of the most highly reverenced conferences in the nation. Big East athletes are mentally and physically tough, determined, devoted and hard working. There is no such thing as a definite win in this conference because each night someone different shows up. If you can survive the Big East, you can survive anything.
            The season thus far can be described as nothing less than a roller coaster ride. The Hoyas at Providence showed just what little things needed to be corrected in order for the Hoyas to compete victoriously with the rest of their Big East opponents. With only a 45-49 victory, the Hoyas were determined to get back in the gym and improve their famous lock up defense for their next opponent, Notre Dame.
            Unfortunately, the Hoyas were not able to regroup as well as they would like in their meeting with the Fighting Irish. With a tough loss of 80-55 to Notre Dame, the Hoyas received a well needed wake-up call of the importance of always coming out ready to play.
            Being the dedicated, determined Hoyas the Georgetown women’s basketball team was back to the basics at the next practice with hard work and a primary focus on their signature defense, preparing them for Villanova’s continuous cutting and screening offense.
            The season may be winding down, but not the lady Hoya’s focus.
Your updated reminder,
Amanda Reese